Synergas is the result of a joint history with the permanent commitment of a group of partners. Thanks to the organization and a committed and highly experienced staff together with the facilities in continuous evolution, we have a strategic direction governed by values ​​of customer satisfaction, innovation and commitment.
We support each other and help our suppliers with clear and lasting commitments. In addition, our group of cooperatives reinforces our purchases, and favors with multiple services, making us more competitive.

Our Work Group

Our facilities stand out to be committed and dedicated.
It is divided into areas between Warehouse, Administration, Partner Assistance, Commercial Management and Financial Director, all under the Management.






Our warehouse is governed by efficiency standards, both in location, management and output of products.

Response time and error control are the most important standards.







Our ERP computer system and the SGA warehouse management system, allow us to quickly manage more than 25,000 references.



All locations are registered and a permanent inventory is carried out. Thus, any type of error is located faster and more efficiently.



We form a compact group of partners located near our facilities, which means that we have close contact with the concerns and needs of our clients and their market.


Continuous improvement, innovation and customer satisfaction as values, mean that our management system is guided by the ISO9001 standard and the improvement actions derived from the audits. This ensures increasing efficiency for our company and for our partners and customers.


NCC, an association of 4 cooperatives, offers us a power to negotiate conditions with suppliers to obtain the best prices, and a synergy in various activities such as brochures, virtual fairs, product information, etc. that make our activities more efficient.

Optimus is a sales chain that offers a common communication strategy, with common marketing actions. Thus, we give a very powerful image.








Synergas is a story of commitments between a group of hardware stores and industrial supplies, which with enthusiasm and shared goals has survived strongly. Many and continuous changes in the market and with the same philosophy of commitment.