One of our main objectives is the purchase of products so that our partners and customers can face the market in the best conditions, giving great importance to price, quality and logistical conditions. We prioritize that the products follow the conditions of digitization, labeling with the EAN system (bar code), and have complete product sheets, with the necessary logistics data, certifications, technical sheets, instructions for use, etc. in digital format. We integrate all of this into our ERP so that it is available as a sales aid.



We have a warehouse stock of more than 25,000 references, so our immediate delivery assortment meets the vast majority of our customers’ needs. In addition, with our negotiations and those of our group, we have negotiated prices for several million products from our suppliers.

Due to the current configuration of the warehouse and the development of computer applications, we are able to process and send to customers (including drop-shipping, direct shipping to the end user with the partner’s delivery note) in terms of 12 to 24 hours, almost all of purchase orders from our partners and customers.