Minimum application of margins. Important negotiation with industrial suppliers.

Due to the industrial nature of our partners and clients, we negotiate prices and templates for industrial products with highly competitive prices and conditions. In many cases, we group purchases of the demands of several partners. In addition, belonging to NCC, a purchasing group of more than 1,000 hardware stores, with a total purchase figure of more than 600 million euros, allows us to have significant negotiating capacity with suppliers.



The stock of 25,000 references, mainly products intended for industry, makes us a benchmark for industrial service with recognized brands for professional users.


Fast order management with transport agency agreements.

Following the concentration of our stocks in the new facilities in Beriain (Navarra) with 4,000 m2 of useful area, and investments in WMS (Warehouse Management System), high-efficiency software, supported by bar code control terminals, We achieve a 24-hour service in many points in the North of Spain. The efficiency of movements and Cross-docking make speed and the minimum number of errors allow us to be optimal with our partners.


Online stock information, upcoming order receptions, prices, technical data sheets and product certifications.

Our shopping intranet is an element of efficiency and comfort that allows you to know online stocks and prices of all our products. We even offer information on orders not received and delivery times. In the “Catalogues” module, we have product information on more than 100,000 references, with technical sheets and quality certificates for each product.

Within the “My Account” section of the intranet, members have at their disposal detailed information on the items they have purchased, those pending receipt and access to all documents generated such as invoices, delivery notes, etc.

It also has the database of the articles in stock of the Cooperative and that of the suppliers to be able to download it and import it into your computer programs in a simple way.


Grouping of invoices and payments in one management. Management of prompt payments.


With computer and data transmission means, we make administrative management with suppliers more comfortable and easy, avoiding, as much as possible, the duplication of data entries, revisions, etc. We try to ensure that the transmission of data and invoices is done by EDI, with the integration of this data in the management systems of our clients, avoiding errors, loss of time and a lot of administrative management.



Lawyers, insurance, computer services, advice.


We support our partners and clients in broad sectors of their activities, such as legal advice, labor advice, commercial advice, sales risk reports, insurance, hardware systems, software, electricity providers, etc. where we choose professionals of proven solvency, with whom we have commercial agreements that are very beneficial for our partners.



As part of our constant process of improvement, both for the Cooperative itself and for its members, we schedule many talks, training sessions, seminars and visits to the factory throughout the year, mainly aimed at giving its members the necessary tools to face…